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MTN Mad Maxxx

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Product Description

MTN Mad Maxxx

MADMAXXX is available in fast drying “Chrome” and Black 2G “SilverKiller”. Both options have been optimized in order to get the maximum potential in power, valve flow and cap efficiency.
The formula has been adjusted to create a thick paint that prevents drips, and dries fast, allowing for repainting within seconds. The easy to use valve is suitable for outlining large areas with precision. In addition, the paint is 100% compatible with the rest of the Montana Colors aerosols.

Instructions for use and precautions:
Spray about 40 cm away from the surface to be painted in vertical strokes and at a speed that allows for optimum filling. Do not spray on live power cables or point towards eyes.


– 750 ml
– 6 units box
– Male valve
– High pressure
– Silver Chrome and Black 2G SilverKiller
– Theoretical yield (continuous painting):
9 m² (Silver) and 4,5 m² (Black) for 750 ml



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